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Find Out What Dental Crowns Can Do For You

Dental CrownsIf a tooth is heavily damaged by decay or trauma, is the only solution extraction? At Apple Valley Dental in Helendale, CA, your dentist, Dr. Samuel Kim, offers a tried and true alternative to losing a tooth. It's called the dental crown. Made of lifelike and durable porcelain, a crown can remake your tooth's appearance, protect it and add years to its life. Learn more here.

What is a dental crown?

Dear Doctor compares a dental crown to the crown a king wears. It caps off his head--hence the crown is nicknamed, "cap"--and it protects and beautifies it.

Today's realistic dental crowns are custom-fashioned from long-lasting porcelain. A crown covers a damaged tooth from the gum line on up, normalizes its appearance and allows the wearer to bite, chew and smile with confidence.

With normal wear, crowns last about ten years. They require simple brushing and flossing to keep them plaque-free, along with six-month cleanings and check-ups with your dentist in Helendale, CA.

Placing a crown

This comfortable restorative treatment requires two visits to Apple Valley Dental:

  1. Examination and X-rays to determine if a crown is the proper treatment. If it is, Dr. Kim will numb the tooth, remove the cracked or decayed portions, shape it and cover it with a temporary crown. He also takes oral impressions to send to the dental lab where a skilled technician makes the restoration.
  2. Placement of the new crown. Dr. Kim will remove the temporary cap and cement the new one over the tooth. Any adjustments for bite and fit will be made at this time.

More uses for dental crowns

Besides rebuilding decayed, cracked or heavily restored teeth, crowns also restore dental implants, secure multi-tooth bridges and cover teeth spared from extraction by root canal treatments. Sometimes, your dentist employs crowns to rehape teeth which are oddly shaped. Examples are peg-shaped lateral incisors. Because these teeth are located right in the smile zone at the front of the mouth, porcelain crowns can boost smile aesthetics and strengthen the teeth as well.

Is a crown right for you?

You'll find out at a consultation with Dr. Samuel Kim at Apple Valley Dental. Call today for your appointment in Helendale, CA, at (760) 247-6007.