Preparation Tips for a Lasting White Smile

As adults, we understand that preparing and planning is a part of life. Even dental procedures like teeth whitening require preparation. Dr. Samuel Kim wants his patients to know how to get the best results from teeth whitening, and it all starts before the appointment. Teeth Whitening Before & After Side By Side

First a Dental Evaluation
For teeth whitening to work perfectly, Dr. Kim will need to evaluate you first. The best candidates for in-office teeth whitening are those who are in good dental health. If we find any dental problems, they will need to be treated before the whitening is done to make sure any complications are avoided.

There are actually different types of tooth discolorations that teeth whitening will not help. We will have to determine if the tooth stains are intrinsic, which means they developed underneath the tooth enamel. Teeth whitening is best for extrinsic stains which are normally caused by smoking, certain foods and drinks, and others. Seeing the dentist prior to your teeth whitening treatment will ensure that you are a seamless candidate.

Next: Get Ready!
After you have been told you are ready for a teeth whitening, you will need a dental cleaning to remove dental tartar as well as other residues that can only be removed at our office. Also be sure to brush and floss at home to help make sure the procedure is successful.

Be sure you have nothing else planned around the time of your appointment. In-office whitening usually takes about an hour, but extra time for preparation for protective barrier on your gums and whitening gel on your teeth is needed. After these are placed, the laser is used on your teeth. The time allotted depends on the patient and your own needs.

Your Choices include an At-Home Option
Our at-home teeth whitening option will give you results within two weeks. We still suggest you get a dental checkup and cleaning to ensure your money is well spent.

Contact our office today for more information on an in-office or at-home tooth whitening system. We want to help Lucerne Valley area patients get the smile of a lifetime! Call 248-673-2400 today.