Treating Tooth Sensitivity

There are a number of over the counter products that claim to address tooth sensitivity, but what does it really mean to have sensitive teeth? Here is some information about this dental condition from the Lucerne Valley dental practice of Dr. Samuel Kim, DDS and what you can do about it if you’re experiencing these symptoms.


What Are Sensitive Teeth?

Normally, you do not feel anything when something touches your teeth. When teeth are sensitive you feel a sensation when they come in contact with other things, like cold water, ice cream, air or even a touch of your finger. The sensation may be slight pain, a stinging feeling or intense pain that causes you to pause and stop what you’re doing. When the pain becomes unbearable and lingers for a long time, it’s definitely time to visit Dr. Kim’s Lucerne Valley dental practice for a checkup.


What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

Teeth usually become sensitive because the nerves inside of the pulp of the teeth become inflamed, infected, injured or just more exposed to the elements. Also, when the enamel wears down due to contact with acidic foods and drinks, it makes it easier for outer elements (like cold or hot drinks) to come in contact with the inner nerve center of the tooth. The enamel is the protective layer of your teeth that keeps you from experiencing the intense sensation caused by the many nerves inside of your mouth.


Cures for Sensitive Teeth

If you have sensitive teeth that are interfering with your life, making it difficult to eat, drink, talk or even breathe, see an experienced endodontist as soon as possible to fix the problem. The dentist will evaluate your case with X-rays and possibly suggest root canal therapy to save the affected teeth. Contact the Lucerne Valley dental practice of Dr. Samuel Kim, DDS for an evaluation today at or call the office at (760) 247-6007 to speak with a friendly receptionist.