What Qualifies As a Dental Emergency?

"Don't put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today." This life rule applies to dental care, too. Never put off or skimp on dental exams and cleanings, and if a dental emergency arises, don't procrastinate! Call Dr. Samuel Kim at Apple Valley Dental, your Lucerne Valley Dental Emergency emergency dentist, immediately.

Dental Emergencies

Many situations qualify as dental emergencies. Quick action and contact with a skilled dentist is key to saving your tooth or minimizing damage. Here are some common scenarios.

A tooth is knocked out.. Common in childhood and also with sports, falls and auto accidents in teens and adults, sudden tooth loss requires a trip to the ER or dentist. The American Dental Association recommends you first rinse the tooth and any broken pieces with warm water to remove dirt. Leave any dangling tissue in place. If the tooth remains whole, or complete enough to put back in, firmly grasp the tooth and push it into the socket. Try to hold it in place during transport.

If re-implantation won't work, place the tooth in a glass of milk, or have hold it between the cheek and gums. Make sure to get to your Lucerne Valley emergency dentist immediately, because the sooner the tooth is replaced, the better its chances for survival are.

A blow to the mouth loosens, cracks or repositions a tooth. Call Apple Valley Dental right away. Your dentist can often realign and splint one or more teeth that have been pushed out of their original positions. Dr. Kim will repair chips and cracks with cosmetic bonding, root canal therapy, or a crown, depending on how serious the damage is.

A toothache becomes severe. This could be a dental abscess or infection. Contact your Lucerne Valley dentist immediately for the right course of action. A cold compress helps swelling. Also, rinsing with warm salt water reduces the bad taste, drainage, and bleeding associated with this dental infection.

Orthodontic wires or brackets become loose or damaged. Avoid soft tissue injury by placing wax on a broken appliance, and contact your orthodontist. They will want to repair the damage right away.

Impacted wisdom teeth cause painful swelling of the jaw and gums. An oral surgeon will visually inspect the area, and do x-rays and other imaging to see what the wisdom teeth are doing to neighboring teeth. Impacted teeth usually require in-office oral surgery.

Apple Dental Health Services PC

Residents of the Forest Hills area have access to an amazing full-service dental practice. Apple Dental Health Services PC has 9 highly qualified dentists, including an oral surgeon, orthodontist and 3 periodontists. These dentists are highly skilled in routine and preventive services, cosmetic needs, restorations and emergency care. Their training and diverse backgrounds deliver healthy, whole smiles to patients in emergency situations.

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