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By Apple Valley Dental
September 21, 2020
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You never know when you might have a dental emergency, so it’s a good idea to have a plan of action. That means knowing who to call and where to go when you need help to save a tooth. Dr. Samuel Kim is a dentist at Apple Valley Dental in California’s Apple Valley. He offers emergency dental treatment.

What Are Dental Emergencies?

Types of dental emergencies include:

  • A broken tooth: If you can find the fragment that has broken off, bring it to the dentists as this can help with the repair. Clean the injured tooth with a tepid saline solution and make an emergency appointment with your dentist.
  • Tooth pain: Rinse your mouth with a warm saline solution. If your face is swollen, place a cold compress against your cheek. Get a dental appointment as soon as you can.
  • Loss of a permanent tooth: If you have lost a tooth you should try to find it as quickly as possible. Do not touch the root of the tooth. Pick it up by the crown and if you can, put it back into the socket it fell from. If this is not possible, preserve it in a glass of fresh milk until you get to the dentist.

Dental offices have regular office hours in which they can treat an emergency, but if your dental emergency happens outside of office hours, patients can get help by calling the dentist’s emergency number or go to the emergency room.

If you are looking for a dentist in Apple Valley, CA dentist call Dr. Kim on (760) 247-6007 to schedule an appointment.

By Apple Valley Dental
January 19, 2017
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Prompt dental care is essential if you have a dental emergency, but it's not always easy to decide if a problem is truly an emergency. Dr. dental emergencySamuel Kim, your Apple Valley, CA, dentist, describes a few situations that require emergency dental treatment.

Your tooth was knocked out

Any hard blow to your mouth can knock out teeth. Luckily, your tooth may not be lost forever if you receive emergency dental treatment. If you see your dentist within an hour, it may be possible to reimplant your tooth.

Keeping the tooth hydrated while you travel to your emergency appointment is very important. Rinse the tooth in water to remove dirt and gently place it back in the socket. If you can't easily put the tooth in your socket, don't worry. Place it in your mouth between your teeth and your cheek, or wrap it in gauze and put in a container with milk or your saliva.

Your tooth is loose

Blows can also loosen teeth or knock them out of position. Both of these situations require emergency dental treatment. If your tooth has moved out of position, gently push it back into place if you can. Avoid putting any pressure on the tooth.

You have lacerations

Lacerations to your mouth, jaw and face are also dental emergencies. Hold a clean cloth against the laceration to stop the bleeding and take over-the-counter medications to ease the pain.

Your tooth broke

Broken teeth can be painful, particularly if the break exposes the nerve-laden pulp at the center of your teeth. Decrease the pain by applying a little dental cement to the tooth and take a pain reliever to keep discomfort under control until it's time for your emergency appointment.

You have an abscess

Dental abscesses occur when tooth pulp becomes infected. Abscesses are often very painful and can cause facial or jaw swelling, fever and swollen lymph nodes. You may also notice a little bump that looks like a pimple on your gum. Abscesses require emergency treatment because the infection can spread throughout your body if you don't receive antibiotic treatment. Your Apple Valley dentist can also prescribe pain medication that will reduce your discomfort.

If you experience any of these dental emergencies, get in touch with Dr. Kim, your Apple Valley, CA, dentist, immediately. Call him at (760) 247-6007 to arrange emergency dental treatment.

By Apple Valley Dental
October 11, 2016
Category: Oral Health

For anyone else, having a tooth accidentally knocked out while practicing a dance routine would be a very big deal. But not for Dancing With The Stars contestant Noah Galloway. Galloway, an Iraq War veteran and a double amputee, took a kick to the face from his partner during a recent practice session, which knocked out a front tooth. As his horrified partner looked on, Galloway picked the missing tooth up from the floor, rinsed out his mouth, and quickly assessed his injury. “No big deal,” he told a cameraman capturing the scene.

Of course, not everyone would have the training — or the presence of mind — to do what Galloway did in that situation. But if you’re facing a serious dental trauma, such as a knocked out tooth, minutes count. Would you know what to do under those circumstances? Here’s a basic guide.

If a permanent tooth is completely knocked out of its socket, you need to act quickly. Once the injured person is stable, recover the tooth and gently clean it with water — but avoid grasping it by its roots! Next, if possible, place the tooth back in its socket in the jaw, making sure it is facing the correct way. Hold it in place with a damp cloth or gauze, and rush to the dental office, or to the emergency room if it’s after hours or if there appear to be other injuries.

If it isn’t possible to put the tooth back, you can place it between the cheek and gum, or in a plastic bag with the patient’s saliva, or in the special tooth-preserving liquid found in some first-aid kits. Either way, the sooner medical attention is received, the better the chances that the tooth can be saved.

When a tooth is loosened or displaced but not knocked out, you should receive dental attention within six hours of the accident. In the meantime, you can rinse the mouth with water and take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication (such as ibuprofen) to ease pain. A cold pack temporarily applied to the outside of the face can also help relieve discomfort.

When teeth are broken or chipped, you have up to 12 hours to get dental treatment. Follow the guidelines above for pain relief, but don’t forget to come in to the office even if the pain isn’t severe. Of course, if you experience bleeding that can’t be controlled after five minutes, dizziness, loss of consciousness or intense pain, seek emergency medical help right away.

And as for Noah Galloway:  In an interview a few days later, he showed off his new smile, with the temporary bridge his dentist provided… and he even continued to dance with the same partner!

If you would like more information about dental trauma, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can learn more in the Dear Doctor magazine articles “Trauma & Nerve Damage to Teeth” and “The Field-Side Guide to Dental Injuries.”

By Apple Valley Dental
July 02, 2015
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"Don't put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today." This life rule applies to dental care, too. Never put off or skimp on dental exams and cleanings, and if a dental emergency arises, don't procrastinate! Call Dr. Samuel Kim at Apple Valley Dental, your Lucerne Valley Dental Emergency emergency dentist, immediately.

Dental Emergencies

Many situations qualify as dental emergencies. Quick action and contact with a skilled dentist is key to saving your tooth or minimizing damage. Here are some common scenarios.

A tooth is knocked out.. Common in childhood and also with sports, falls and auto accidents in teens and adults, sudden tooth loss requires a trip to the ER or dentist. The American Dental Association recommends you first rinse the tooth and any broken pieces with warm water to remove dirt. Leave any dangling tissue in place. If the tooth remains whole, or complete enough to put back in, firmly grasp the tooth and push it into the socket. Try to hold it in place during transport.

If re-implantation won't work, place the tooth in a glass of milk, or have hold it between the cheek and gums. Make sure to get to your Lucerne Valley emergency dentist immediately, because the sooner the tooth is replaced, the better its chances for survival are.

A blow to the mouth loosens, cracks or repositions a tooth. Call Apple Valley Dental right away. Your dentist can often realign and splint one or more teeth that have been pushed out of their original positions. Dr. Kim will repair chips and cracks with cosmetic bonding, root canal therapy, or a crown, depending on how serious the damage is.

A toothache becomes severe. This could be a dental abscess or infection. Contact your Lucerne Valley dentist immediately for the right course of action. A cold compress helps swelling. Also, rinsing with warm salt water reduces the bad taste, drainage, and bleeding associated with this dental infection.

Orthodontic wires or brackets become loose or damaged. Avoid soft tissue injury by placing wax on a broken appliance, and contact your orthodontist. They will want to repair the damage right away.

Impacted wisdom teeth cause painful swelling of the jaw and gums. An oral surgeon will visually inspect the area, and do x-rays and other imaging to see what the wisdom teeth are doing to neighboring teeth. Impacted teeth usually require in-office oral surgery.

Apple Dental Health Services PC

Residents of the Forest Hills area have access to an amazing full-service dental practice. Apple Dental Health Services PC has 9 highly qualified dentists, including an oral surgeon, orthodontist and 3 periodontists. These dentists are highly skilled in routine and preventive services, cosmetic needs, restorations and emergency care. Their training and diverse backgrounds deliver healthy, whole smiles to patients in emergency situations.

For emergencies or routine care, call Apple Dental Health Services PC at 718-575-9548.

By Apple Valley Dental
June 30, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures

Emergency Dental Care Treatments

Every year, more than 5 million teeth are knocked out or lost due to accident-related injuries. Restoration procedures to replace missing teeth can be painful for your mouth and for your bank account: an estimated 500 million dollars was spent on emergency dental care last year alone. Lucerne Valley dentist Samuel Kim wants his patients to have beautiful, dazzling smiles without burdening their wallets, so he’s come up with some ways to help his patients prevent injury to their teeth both before and after an accident occurs.  Dental Emergency
Accidents happen. The best way to stay protected from a potentially serious injury is to be prepared. Keep reading for tips on how to prevent serious damage to your teeth and what to do in case of an emergency.

Be Proactive About Your Dental Emergency

The American Dental Association reports that 13-39 percent of dental injuries are sports-related. However, any blunt trauma to the face, especially the jaw, can potentially cause tooth injury, which often leads to tooth loss. Chipped or fractured teeth always need to be treated or removed to prevent periodontal disease or decay.
Studies have proven that the best way to protect your teeth from this type of injury is to wear a mouth guard. In several cases, both adult and children athletes have been observed, and in each case, no athlete who sustained an oral injury throughout the course of his/her sports season was found to have been wearing a mouth guard. The staff at Apple Valley Dental can fit you with a custom mouth guard that should be worn during any physical activity to protect your teeth and jaw from any direct blow to the face.

Act Fast - In Case Of Emergency

If you find yourself in the midst of an emergency situation, remain calm. In the event an ambulance needs to be called, you will need to provide the doctors that arrive on the scene with a brief description of the accident that occurred. If you witness or are involved in a serious or life-threatening accident, call 911 or visit the emergency room immediately.
After an injury, quick action is the best way to prevent further damage to your teeth. Restorative procedures, as well as tooth extractions and crown replacement are available at Apple Valley Dental. Contact our office to receive treatment for any one of the following dental injuries:
  • chipped or broken teeth
  • fractured teeth
  • dislocated teeth
  • missing teeth
For more information about emergency dental treatments in the Lucerne Valley and Apple Valley, CA areas, call (760) 247-6007.