Important Notice


Apple Valley Dental experienced a recent security incident that may have resulted in the disclosure of information which the practice obtained from 1-800-DENTIST as a referral from January 2010 to April 2011, or information that may have been provided to the practice in order to determine whether the practice could take care of a referral’s dental needs.  The practice takes the security of your information very seriously, and sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Apple Valley Dental recently learned that documents that were supposed to be shredded were inadvertently discarded. The practice discovered this situation when it was contacted by a local television station on February 13, 2014 which had obtained the records from someone who had collected the papers from outside the practice. The practice recovered these documents from the television station on March 5, 2014.  Upon review, the practice discovered that these documents contained names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, limited information related to the dental needs of the referral, and in some very limited cases Social Security numbers, but only if an individual provided that information to Apple Valley Dental in follow-up to a referral from 1-800-DENTIST. The documents did not include any information regarding dental services provided a patient by Apple Valley Dental.  Apple Valley Dental is providing notice of this event so you can take steps to protect yourself if your information was involved.

Apple Valley Dental wants to assure you that the practice has taken steps to strengthen its protection of sensitive information and prevent this type of event from happening again, including providing training on the proper handling and protection of sensitive information for all staff, reviewing and updating the practice’s policies and procedures, changing its internal process so that all documents are shredded, ordering a new shredder to handle the increased capacity, and installing cameras inside its offices to monitor security.  

Although the practice is not aware of any misuse of any information related to this event, out of an abundance of caution, the practice has hired Kroll to provide identity safeguards and other services at no cost to all impacted individuals. Such services will be provided for one year through Kroll’s ID TheftSmartTM program. The safeguards include Continuous Credit Monitoring and Enhanced Identity Theft Consultation and Restoration. 

Apple Valley Dental is providing this notice for individuals who may not have received individual written notice because of incomplete or incorrect contact information.  If you have any questions regarding this notice  and whether your information was involved in this incident, please contact (855) 366-0137 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time. Apple Valley Dental remains committed to protecting the security of your personal information.